Published June 8, 2022

2022 Primary Ballots are out

By Sarah Flower

La Plata County ballot drop box sits by the La Plata County Assessor, Clerk and Recorder, Treasurer's building in Durango, Colo., captured Noverember 21, 2021. KSUT Tribal Radio | Crystal Ashike

Ballots for the 2022 Primary election should arrive this week to voters in Colorado. There are several contentious races in the major parties. KSUT’s Sarah Flower reports.


Sarah Flower:

The primary elections are held to nominate a candidate for a specific party to move forward in the November elections. Although this midterm election is not a presidential one, there are several contested races on the ballot, including Secretary of State Governor and US Senate. The newly mapped Congressional District Three is bringing a lot of attention. The primary nominees for the GOP are incumbent Congresswoman Lauren Boebart, taking on longtime Senator Don Coram. Three Democratic candidates are vying for the November ticket for district three as well. Those include Sol Sandoval, Alex Walker and Adam Frisch. Tiffany Lee is La Plata County's clerk and recorder. She says that although the deadlines to change party affiliations has already passed, several La Plata county residents have switched to independent or unaffiliated. Lee says this would then give residents the opportunity to choose which major party they'd like to cast their primary vote for

Tiffany Lee:

We are seeing definitely an uptick of party changes from one party to another to independent you will receive mail ballot packet with both Republican and Democratic ballot in it. Of course, you can only select one of those ballots. If you select both and both both your whole packet gets voided.

Sarah Flower:

Historically, the county has about a 30% voter turnout. But this year, Lee is anticipating a bit of a jump in those numbers.

Tiffany Lee:

I'm hoping to see at least a 35 to 40% turnout. You know we have some pretty contentious races on both sides. So I think people are going to be a little bit more engaged. It's unbelievable how people are just more concerned about who's in office, and of course elections as a whole.

Sarah Flower:

La Plata County has six ballot drop off locations in Bayfield, Ignacio and Durango as well as three Voter Service and Polling centers throughout the county. Mail in ballots can be returned as soon as you receive them and postmark no later than June 20. That's also the day when in person voting begins and Election Day is on June 28. With the polls closing at 7:00 p.m. reporting for KSUT Tribal Radio. I'm Sarah Flower

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