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La Plata County residents can expect their ballots for the 2023 election in their mailboxes this week.


Voters in La Plata County should expect to see their ballots in the mail this week. La Plata County Clerk and Recorder Tiffany Lee says her office sent out over 43,000 ballots to active voters on Monday. While Colorado residents can still register up until Election Day on November 7, Lee is urging people to get their votes in early.

"Don't wait too long to mail it back to us or drop it in a dropbox. Dropboxes, obviously, are open until November 7 at 07:00 P.m.. That is Election Day, however, mailing it back October 30. That's the deadline. We want to see that in the mail back to us."

The 2023 ballot has two statewide questions for all La Plata County voters propositions HH and II. Depending on where voters live in the county, there will be different initiatives on their ballot like questions pertaining to taxes in Bayfield, issues about the Durango Business Improvement District and the Upper Pine Fire Protection District will also appear on the ballots of the constituent voters.

Residents on the Bayfield School District Ten JT and Ignatio School District Eleven JT also have competitive school board races on their ballot. Election day is on November 7.

Reporting for KSUT Tribal Radio, I'm Sarah Flower.

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