September 26, 2022

Bernadette Cuthair Receives 2022 Community Health Leadership Award

By Clark Adomaitis

The Colorado Health Foundation is recognizing Bernadette Cuthair, a Ute Mountain Ute Tribal member, for her work in community and public health. Clark Adomaitis (ADDA-MY-diss) reports.


The Virgilio [VEER-GILIO] Licona Community Health Leadership Award recognizes one Coloradan each year who shows leadership in public health. The foundation selected Cuthair for her work in a number of areas–including Access to Water, housing, healthcare, broadband, and distance learning.

Over three decades, Bernadette Cuthair worked on these issues in Towaoc, Colorado. She’s currently the director of Planning and Development for the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. Over the last decade, she’s managed more than 100 million dollars in community redevelopment projects.

Bernadette said this about receiving her award:


The health of a community – mind, body and spirit – relies on our ability to work together for the benefit of the Nuchu (people) today, tomorrow and for generations to follow.


The Colorado Health Foundation praised Bernadette Cuthair’s work in confronting inequities in the Ute Mountain Ute Community.

The award means Cuthair may designate a 20,000 dollar donation to support her work or another nonprofit.

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