October 6, 2022
Mercy Regional Medical Center, Centura Health Urgent care closes it doors for service at the Purgatory Resort in Durango, Colo., photo taken on Thursday, October 6. (Photo by Crystal Ashike)

Centura Health Closes Urgent Care at Purgatory Resort due to low demand

By Sarah Flower

KSUT reported on Friday that Centura Health is not reopening their urgent care facility at Purgatory Resort. Tribal Radio’s Sarah Flower reports that Cenutra is closing the clinic due to low traffic numbers.

Citing the current economic downturn, Centura recently announced that it would lay off 1% of its workforce across 19 hospitals in Colorado and Kansas. But in an interview recorded last Friday, Chief Finance Officer at Mercy Regional Medical Center, David Solomon, said there’s no connection between the projected layoffs and the closure of the purgatory clinic. Solomon cites low demand for the closure.

David Solomon:At the end of the day, we determined, you know, the level of demand was very low. And, so we don't take lightly where we send our resources. And, when I say resources both not just dollars, but our people to care for the folks in the community. And, so as we think about that we determined ok, there's places of higher demand. It was quite low up at Purgatory Resort and, so with that in mind, we determined it was best to close those operations, and we'll redeploy those resources in other places to support the four corners region.

To date, there have been no public announcements about layoffs at Mercy Regional Medical Center and the services they offer.

For KSUT, I’m Sarah Flower

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