March 20, 2023
Snow falls on Florida Rd near the proposed site located in Durango, Colo. (Tribal Radio | Crystal Ashike)

City of Durango proposed 204-unit apartment complex in Riverview neighborhood

By Sarah Flower

Community members commented on a newly proposed apartment complex in Durango.

The newly proposed 204-unit development would be located on Florida Rd near Riverview Elementary School. J Street Properties is the project developer and is headquartered in Dallas. J Street, Durango City staff, local Architect Dean Brookie, and engineers heard dozens of questions and concerns in an almost 3-hour virtual public information meeting.

One of the biggest worries is the topography. It sits about 40 feet above Florida Rd. The almost 17 platted acres combine three parcels of land on very steep terrain. Which Brookie says will be a big part of the 2-year-long project.

Other concerns on the project included traffic congestion, proximity to the historic Animas City, whether or not these units would be energy efficient. Mary P, who lives relatively close to the development, says she and her neighbors were in shock over the size of the development.

The Florida Road Apartment's development is expected to include 8 buildings, including an office, a gym, and a pool. The project is estimated at roughly $60 - $70 million dollars.

Shea Byers is the director of real estate at J Street. He says these rental apartments will be on the higher end while the project is still in the preliminary process. Byers suggests a one-bedroom could run around $1700 a month, and a 2 bedroom could reach up to $3000 a month. A cost that Mary says just isn't affordable.

Last week's meeting was the first of many on this project. There will be a planning commission meeting on Monday, April 24, and the project is slated to go in front of the city council on Tuesday, June 20.

Editors Notes: J Street Properties headquarters is based in Washington D.C.

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