Published February 11, 2022

State Health officials stay prepared despite low hospitalizations rates

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By Sarah Flower

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State Health officials continue to be cautiously optimistic about the decline in the number of COVID-19 cases. For the first time in weeks, the number of individuals hospitalized with the virus is under 1000. KSUT’s Sarah Flower has more.

Transcript [1:33]

Dr. Rachel Herlihy:
We do continue to see consistent improvement and really all of our data indicators, at this point.

Sarah Flower [Host]:
Colorado's lead epidemiologist, Dr. Rachel Herlihy reports on a drastic number of the declining cases, hospitalizations and positivity rates. This comes at a time where states across the nation are dropping their massive mandates and peeling back mitigation measures to prevent COVID-19 infections. While the state remains cautiously optimistic. COVID-19 incident commander for Colorado, Scott Bookman, says that the state is also prepared and has the tools in place for the unknown.

Scott Bookman:
What we see now, what are modelers tell us is that we are very likely to go into a period where we can live more normally, possibly more normally than we did in the last two years. Now, simultaneously. We do want to say that we don't know what will come next. The science on this virus is continuing to evolve. While the next few months look very promising. It is possible that we will come back and have to talk about what measures do we need to take

State health officials also report that those that are unvaccinated are 56 times more likely to die of COVID-19 than those that have received the vaccine. The state is also preparing for the emergency use authorization to vaccinate children under the age of five. Bookman says that EAU could come as early as next week for KSUT Tribal Radio. I'm Sarah Flower