Diversity Statement

The CPB Policy Guidelines include a request that each community service grant recipient prepares a brief statement that covers (a) the elements of diversity that each station finds important to its public media work, (b) the extent to which its staff and governance reflect such diversity, (c) the progress the station has made to increase diversity in the last two to three years, and (d) its diversity plan for the future. This statement must be posted on the station’s website or made available to the station’s central office. This document as a whole is submitted as constituting such a statement.

KSUT is committed to diversity based on sex, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and gender variance for the purpose of service, employment, membership, or leadership, including staff, volunteers, board and persons who receive our services.

As of January 3, 2017, our staff and governance reflect this diversity to different extents, including three Southern Ute Tribal member staff, at least five female staff, four Southern Ute tribal board members, one Taos Pueblo tribal board member, and five females on our board of directors. Our volunteers also broadly reflect the elements of diversity that we find important to our public media work.

A goal of the station in 2017 is to find ways for our two signals – Four Corners Public Radio and Tribal Radio – to work more collaboratively in relation to on-air programming, staff duties, and fundraising. With healthy collaboration both amongst our staff and in our programming, we are operating in integrity with our mission – which is to “provide diverse and eclectic entertainment, education, news, and information while promoting multicultural awareness and understanding.”

Adopted by KSUT Board of Directors on January 3, 2017