There will be a changing of the guards at the Durango Police Department in 2024 as current chief of police Bob Brammer is now being promoted as an assistant city manager.

Chief Brammer joins Erin Hyder as the second assistant city manager at Tuesday’s city council meeting. City manager José Madrigal says the year ahead is full of big projects and that Chief Brammer’s leadership in this role will be a welcomed addition.

“I do have currently eleven direct reports, um, and that doesn’t include the one on ones that I have with council every week, so, uh, my capacity is pretty full, and so looking at within the organization of someone that I think that could step up and really provide leadership, take some departments, and I think has a, uh, tremendous, uh, amount of growth, I think, that can bring to the community and benefit the community, I’ve had some discussions with Chief Brammer, and he is definitely, wanting to take on the challenge of being an assistant city manager, we want to be able to provide him that ability to do so.

Chief Brammer has been with the department since 2005 as a patrol officer and promoted as chief in 2019. He says he’s looking forward to the challenge and this new role with the city.

“I’m humbled by this opportunity, Durango is a great community, and I think that if I can continue to add to that, in whatever capacity it is, I’m here to serve, that’s what we do, and I’m really looking forward to this opportunity of growth, it’s a challenge, policing is a difficult profession, but I feel like it’s going to be more and more opportunity to just expand that footprint and just make our community better, enhance that quality of life that we all enjoy here very much so, thank you for the chance.”

Madrigal says the city will launch a nationwide search for a new chief of police, and city council may approve a new chief by late spring, early summer.

Brammer will oversee the police department in the meantime.