October 12, 2022
(Left to right) Miera Stands with Patricia Gleason with the Colorado Department of Education, Dr. Colleen O’Neil, Colorado Department of Education Associate Commissioner of Educator Talent, Tiffany Miera, Award Winner, Lowell Milken, Founder of the Milken Educator Awards and Karen Cheser Durango 9R Superintendent. (Photo by: Sarah Flower | KSUT)

Durango Teacher Receives National Milken Educator Award

By Sarah Flower

A teacher at Needham Elementary School in Durango was one of 40 teachers across the country that was surprised with the National Milken Educator Award. Tiffany Miera was once a student at Needham and has spent 14 years of her career at the school.

Each honoree receives a cash prize of $25,000 to spend however they wish. Lowell Milken, Founder of the Education Award, was there in person to present Miera with her award.

Girl in a jacket
Tiffany Miera, center, stands with fellow coworkers at Needham Elementary as her name was announced as the recipient of the Milken Educator Award. (Photo by Sarah Flower| KSUT)

Tiffany Miera was awarded the Milken Educator Award at Needham Elementary School. Miera was one of 40 honorees across the nation. In a surprise assembly, Miera was awarded $25,000 and will join the Milken Educator Network of more than 2,900 educators and leaders from across the country.

“We have so many amazing educators here so I was like going through like oh it has to be this person oh it could be this person it could be this person so it was a shock”, Miera said of her award.

Lowell Milken, founder of the Milken Educator Award, was in the Needham Gymnasium and is seldom in attendance at the award ceremonies. “She’s an outstanding instructional leader. She’s an outstanding mentor and she’s invested in this community in a very deep and meaningful way.” Milken said.

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