KSUT | By Clark Adomaitis

The Navajo Nation community of Chinle is still recovering from the worst flooding in its history. The community has had to fund the reconstruction effort, and it still needs to be completed. The community hopes to get the berm repaired within the next two weeks before the monsoon season starts.

The flooding caused extensive damage to homes and infrastructure in Chinle. Snowmelt from the Chuska mountains broke through a diversion berm, flooding homes and displacing about 250 people. The community is still working to remove the sand and debris from the flooding and repair the berm.

The Chinle Chapter House has spent over $268 thousand on emergency repairs. The community has not received financial assistance from the Navajo Nation or FEMA. The chapter is still seeking additional donations to help with the reconstruction effort.

The community hopes to get the berm repaired before the monsoon season starts. The monsoon season brings heavy rains to the Navajo Nation, and the community is concerned that the flooding could damage the berm again.

The flooding in Chinle is a reminder of the challenges facing the Navajo Nation. The community is already struggling with poverty and unemployment, and the flooding has only worsened things. The community is grateful for the help it has received from volunteers and donors, but it needs more help to complete the reconstruction effort.

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