May 25, 2022

Gov. Polis signs bills at Durango High School and Fort Lewis College

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Gov. Jared Polis was visiting southwest Colorado yesterday to sign bills into law at Durango High School and Fort Lewis College. The bills are aimed towards education and Native American issues. KSUT’s Sarah Flower has more.


Sarah Flower:

Governor Polis and Representative Barbara McLachlan greeted over 50 students at Durango High School and showed them how a bill becomes law, live and action.

Polis signed three bills at Durango High School, including Senate bill 22-070. The kindergarten through 12th grade licensed personnel performance evaluation also sponsored by Representative McLachlan.

The Governor also signed House bill 22-1154, which debuted the new Colorado rotary license plate, and House bill 22-1248.

The Extended School Leadership pilot program, which Polis says this bill is a simple adjustment to make law.

Gov. Jared Polis:

What this bill does is when it was first started, it was a pilot program that expired devastates sometimes does that we say we're gonna try this out for a few years, and train principals see how it goes offer this Leadership Institute.

Now we're getting rid of the word pilot and continuing this program thanks to Representative McLachlan's leadership.

Sarah Flower:

The Governor then went to Fort Lewis College and spoke in front of college administration, Southern Ute and Ute mountain Ute tribal leadership to sign House bill 22-1327.

The bill focusing on Native American boarding schools.

This bill establishes the federal Indian boarding school research program in the State Historical Society.

The goal is to research the events, physical and emotional abuse and deaths that occurred at federal Indian boarding schools across the state, including the victimization of families and youth forced to attend the boarding school and the intergenerational impacts of that abuse.

The Governor also went on to sign Senate bill 22-148, which is the Colorado land based tribe behavioral health services grant program, the Governor made into law Senate bill 22-104, which is that tribal governments are now included in state programs. Reporting for KSUT Tribal Radio. I'm Sarah Flower

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