Native Braids: a grandmother continues her family's storytelling tradition

Four Corners Public Radio | By KSUT Staff
Published December 1, 2021
Kathryn Jacket, at a youth camp in Towaoc, Colorado. Summer, 2021. /Anthony Two Moons/
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Most Ute kids grow up hearing legend stories. Kathryn Jacket remembers the stories her grandmother used to tell her at night before bedtime. “It was like a storybook, and I would fall asleep halfway through and the next night we would pick up again,” she tells her granddaughter.

Now Kathryn Jacket is a grandmother herself. When she sat down for an interview with her granddaughter, Jeralyne Arnold, Jeralyne asked to hear a favorite legend story.

Kathryn Jacket tells one of the many stories of bigfoot, a creature known to the Ute people as Siaatch.

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