Published March 21, 2022

High demand starts 4Corners K-9 Search and Rescue on the Navajo Nation

By Justin Higginbottom

Bernadine Beyale founded 4Corners K-9 Search and Rescue to help recover missing people in the region. The demand is high for help, especially on the Navajo Nation. (Courtesy of Bernadine Beyale )

4Corners K-9 Search and Rescue is the latest organization helping Native families find missing loved ones.

Bernadine Beyale, founder of 4Corners K-9 Search and Rescue, and her two dogs operate mainly in the Navajo Nation, where resources for rescue are spare.

KZMU's Justin Higginbottom spoke with the group's founder about what she and her two dogs find in the region while looking for missing people and the tricky part of discovery.

Volunteers with 4Corners K-9 Search and Rescue.(Courtesy of Bernadine Beyale)

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