April 19, 2023
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Improving Mental Health for the Youth | Full Interview with Children's Hospital Colorado

By Sarah Flower

The number one emergency care concern is youth mental health. Tribal Radio’s Sarah Flower talks with Dr. Ron-Li Liaw and Dr. Kim Kelsay on the issues from Children’s Hospital Colorado on how it's affecting kids in the southwestern region.

Key Points

  • Children's Hospital Colorado (CHC) and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Campus come together to solve some critical mental health challenges the youth face.
  • The collaboration works to develop leadership operations, training programs, research and discovery, and clinical delivery to help kids and families.
  • With a shortage of child psychiatrists, particularly in rural and tribal communities, CHC and the health sciences campus operate to recruit diversity to reflect the community.
  • Dr. Kim Kelsay used a local grant to improve psychiatric consultation for pediatricians and their patients in Durango, Colorado. In the consultation process, Dr. Kelsay connected to a pediatrician working in the Durango 9-R school district, who and a few collages wanted to support student and families holistically.
  • CHC breaks down solutions to some issues and plans for the future in the state and Durango.

Mental Health Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Free, confidential, professional help is available 24/7 through Colorado Crisis Services.

Call for help 844-493-8255

Text “TALK” to 38255

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