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Theresa Anselmo will serve as interim director of La Plata County’s public health department. The contract is official as of this week. With just under five months left until San Juan Basin Public Health Department fully dissolves, Anselmo's 6-month contract with the county starts today with the potential to extend the contract 3 to 6 months out.

Anselmo spent over three years as the Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials executive director from 2017-2021. She has also served as a program manager at various local public health departments throughout the state. She has an extensive background in oral health, particularly with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

As of now, she will not be doing this job full-time in person but will, at times, be working remotely from the front range.

The hiring process for a new director has been bumpy after a national search. Two finalists for the position were announced in June. One of the finalists abruptly dropped from the position leaving Tiffany Switzer, the current interim executive director at San Juan Basin, the lone candidate in the running. Switzer was not selected, and The county's consultant, the Otwi group, recommended Anselmo become the contracted interim director.

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