October 19, 2022
Official election mail. (Photo by Crystal Ashike)

League of Women and Voters of La Plata County explain ballot amendments and propositions (Part 1)

By Sarah Flower

Mail-in ballots have been sent out to Colorado residents this week.

Laurie Meininger, president of the League of Women and Voters of La Plata County, and Jean Aaro, past president of LWVLPC, sat down with Tribal Radio to break down first three of the 11 ballot measures.

LWVLPC explains the difference between amendments and propositions and how issues get to the ballot.

State Ballot Measures

Amendment D (Constitutional)

The governor must designate judges from the 18th Judicial District to serve in the newly created 23rd Judicial District and how it applies to voters in southwest Colo.

Amendment E (Constitutional)

Could extend an existing homestead exemption for disabled veterans to the surviving spouses of military personnel and certain veterans. Essentially gives a homestead property tax break to what is called Goldstar spouses.

Amendment F (Constitutional)

This amendment would reduce the time a nonprofit organization must be in continuous operation in the state from five to three years. It allows but does not require a member to receive compensation for managing and organizing a game, like raffles or bingo games. Also, it will enable the legislature to make future changes beginning in 2025. Who supports and does not support?

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series, looking at the propositions on this year's ballot. Election day is on Tuesday, November 8th.

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