Native Braids: A Navajo grandmother shares childhood memories with her granddaughter

Four Corners Public Radio
Published November 22, 2021
Evelyn Edd at 13 years old, wearing clothes she made herself. /Photo courtesy of Evelyn Edd
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Evelyn Edd grew up on the Navajo Reservation at Blackhouse Mesa. In this conversation with her granddaughter Santana, Evelyn looks back on a childhood with little money or material possessions.

“I slept on sheepskin and I never had a bed,” she says in this interview. She remembers walking more than a mile to the bus stop in rain and snow, and being teased at school for her hand-me-down clothes.

Evelyn Edd and Santana Edd are enrolled with the Navajo Nation.

Pictured above, Evelyn Edd at 13 years old, wearing clothes she made herself.

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