Parker’s Animal Rescue was awarded $450,000 in matching funds from a foundation that prefers to remain anonymous. Lisa Parker is the executive director and founder of Parker’s Animal Rescue. She says the nearly half a million dollars plus community matching funds gives the organization $900,000 to put towards their capital campaign to either remodel or build a facility on acreage to be able to offer more services to animals.

“We are actively looking for a place. We are still also asking for a land donation and what we need specifically too will be a lot of fencing, kennel, quarantine room. All these things will be needed in addition. So if we find some land that we can buy with a metal building, then yes, we can retrofit. If somebody were to donate something, we will still have to put a lot of money into making it work.”

Parker hopes to not only help dogs in their organization, but in the future to be assisting with cats as well. As the nearly ten-year-old organization continues to grow.

Parker says that this funding will also help expand their foster care program.

“Animals should be allowed to live in foster homes and show their true nature because when they’re in a stressful environment, you can’t actually see who they are.”

Parker’s Animal Rescue is one of the few foster care programs in not only La Plata County, but southwest Colorado.