October 6, 2022
(Photo credit: Jeremy Wade Shockley)

Southern Ute Indian Tribe conducts housing survey

By Clark Adomaitis

The Southern Ute Tribe is conducting a new housing survey in Ignacio.

The Southern Ute Tribal Council says Ignacio needs more affordable housing. Patrick Morrissey is the President and COO of the real estate arm of the Southern Ute Growth Fund. He says housing is affecting the tribe’s employee recruitment efforts.

Patrick Morrissey: We're just trying to hire the best qualified people and recruit good quality people to work for the tribe. Housing prices are high, so it’s hard to hire people to work here. We have sent out the survey to tribal membership. What kind of housing do you want, why would you want to live in Ignacio, and what type of product you would like to see built.

According to the real estate website Zillow, the average price for a house in the 88137 area code has increased 56% over the past five years. The tribe implemented a similar affordable housing effort in 2014. They conducted a survey and expanded the availability of affordable housing in and around Ignacio.

Morrissey:Some of the housing that was out in Cedar Point, the townhomes and some additional single family housing was implemented out of that study. And it's just time to update that study.

More than 100 units were built at Cedar Point after the results of that 2014 study, according to the Southern Ute Drum. After the results of the current study, the tribe may build more single family housing, multifamily housing, and large lot housing . Ignacio area residents have until this Friday, October 7 to complete the survey.

For KSUT and KSJD, I’m Clark Adomaitis.

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