For the second time in a year, the City of Durango has been awarded a grant to help bolster the 2024 E-bike rebate program. This time, the grant is for $100,000 from the State of Colorado’s energy office.

Last spring, the city received over 200 applicants for a $50,000 in E-bike vouchers. According to Marty Pool, the city’s sustainability manager, E-bikes are becoming a more and more popular and a necessary mode of transportation for many.

“I think over the past four or five years, we’re really seeing the growth of e bikes as a transportation option, and at the state level, we’re seeing more programs and available grant funding that can be passed along to communities like Durango, and so between the multimodal division in our transportation department here at the city and the sustainability office, we’re keeping our eye on those funding opportunities so that we can bring those dollars into Durango and get more people this transportation option in our community.”

The applications will be open until mid-April, and Pool says if they receive enough applicants, recipients will be drawn from a lottery system similar to what they had to do last year.

“This year, it is just for income qualified program, and that was a stipulation of going after this grant funding basically at 100% area median income, and then going down for less and less, we will offer different tiers of awards, and so, basically, when you apply, you’ll be required to show some type of proof of income, for a lot of people, that’s just your basic 2023 tax return, and then we will accept the applications, we would do a lottery if we had to, and then we would assign the awards based on people’s income levels.” Pool says roughly 100 rebates will be given to recipients from this grant.