KSUT New Building

Tribal Media Center

The development of a Tribal Media Center, a key component of KSUT’s comprehensive plan, will build on the last 40+ years of experience as an invaluable service to Native Americans in our region.

There are well over 500 Native American tribes identified in the United States, the vast majority of which don’t have a tribal radio station offering access to important Tribal news and information, as well as their rich oral and musical histories. The KSUT Tribal Media Center will offer broadcast and technical training and support to members of Native communities who hold a similar vision of sustaining their culture through the medium of broadcasting. 

Continuing the Legacy

The Tribal Media Center is envisioned as a Native-focused media facility, with diverse capabilities:

• State of the art broadcast training ground for tribal representatives and Native media organizations from across Indian Country

• Cultural preservation projects including language preservation initiatives

• Performance and recording studio for the production of professional, high-quality recordings of contemporary and traditional Native artists

• Safe storage of oral history and other audio archives.

See photos from the new Eddie Box, Jr. Tribal Media Center, home to KSUT Tribal Radio.

Learning new equipment at KSUT Tribal Radio
Tribal Radio new studios
Tribal Radio production studios
Matthew Box honor song for new KSUT studio
Eddie Box, Jr. in the new KSUT studio
KSUT New Building
KSUT Tribal Radio studios
Tribal Radio's Mike Santistevan (center) and Lorena Richards (R) learn how to operate equipment in KSUT's new studios.
Tribal Radio's Mike Santistevan (L) and Sheila Nanaeto broadcasting from the new studios.
Tribal Radio's Lorena Richards works in the production room.
Matthew Box sings an honor song for the new KSUT studio
Sheila Naneto (L) and Eddie Box, Jr. talk on the air from KSUT's new studios.
The Eddie Box, Jr. Media Center, home to Tribal Radio., the Tribal Media Center and sister station Four Corners Public Radio.
Tyler Gummersall, Eddie Box, Jr., Betty Box, and Sheila Naneto at KSUT's new Eddie Box, Jr. Tribal Media Center
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