Published April 5, 2022

World Health Organizaton identifies new Covid variant

KSUT Tribal Radio
By Sarah Flower

A Covid Check Colorado banners hangs on La Plata County Fairgrounds fence near San Juan Basin Public Health vaccincation site in Durango, Colorado, photo taken on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. (KSUT Tribal Radio | Crystal Ashike)

The World Health Organization has identified a new Covid-19 variant, and concerns are developing.

KSUT's Sarah Flower talks with San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) Department about the recent elevated cases and how long at home Covid-19 test last before they expire.

Last week, the CDC announced that 50 years and older are eligible to get a second booster, and it must be an mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

The booster vaccine is available at SJBP clinics, and they are working to reach people who have not started their vaccine series or booster by scheduling around their situation.

SJBP found that being up to date during the coronavirus delta wave and having a booster is essential to avoid hospitalization or death.

"So, we want to remind people that omicron in six or eight weeks killed 1 out of 5, or 1 out of 6 Coloradans that died over the course of this pandemic," says Liane Jollon, executive director at San Jan Basin Public Health.

For the last 15 months, immunity has increased in the communities, and despite the recent uptick in cases, the surge is nothing like last winter explained Jollon.

In addition, high-quality masks and home tests are available for pick-up at SJBPH.

"Those tests have got a three-month extension of their expiration date. So, take your test out, cross out the date that's on it and add 90 days and then keep that test," says Jollon.

To learn more about getting tested or schedule an appointment, go to COVID Check Colorado for more information.

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